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Solve Et Coagula

You've fallen quite far to end up here...Whether you're an angel, a demon, or a rebel without a cause, I welcome you. I'm glad you've stumbled upon my home in this grand universe.

I suggest you visit my gallery, that is where I share my passion. But if you'd like to know about me, visit me in my garden, Eden.


  • 11-1-2023:
  • Another layout change... I've decided to switch to nanogaller so I'll be working on that...And i've got an about page to finish!
  • 07-13-2023:
  • the main focus of this site is finally here, the gallery!
  • 07-12-2023:
  • gone through about 3 seperate design changes before I've gotten to this point.
  • finally happy with my results.
  • 09-13-2021:
  • created website

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